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logo projet etablissementThe PartaTESSA-Apréli@ booklet  Leading the School Development Plan is a free educational resource (OER) developed by a group of teacher educators to support school leaders who accompany their staff’s Professional Learning and Development (LPD) within their institution with a view of enhancing the conditions and quality of learning in the school. It also draws on the work carried out by TESSA and Apréli@ in French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa, separately or jointly, as well as the resources resulting from this work.
It is an adaptation of the Apréli@ booklet Conduire le projet d’établissement which is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence.

What this booklet is about

This unit focuses on the process of school development planning in order to improve teaching-learning processes.

Once a review has been carried out, the school leader and the school management committee (SMC) will be aware of what the school is doing well and what areas need to be developed. In coherence with the national, regional and/or local educational priorities you will strive to establish a plan of action which will contribute to achieving your own school priorities, taking into account its own realities. You and your leadership team – be it one other teacher in a very small school, or a group of four or five senior teachers in a large school – are in a position to make a plan to achieve those improvements. This booklet will take you through the planning process and help you to develop a template for your plan.

What school leaders will learn in this booklet
The resources, activities, pauses for thought and case studies in this booklet will help you to:
- discover the main features of an effective school planning process,
- plan for school-wide improvements in student learning,
- engage stakeholders and especially the SMC in school development planning,
- write an effective school development plan that makes a difference to outcomes for students.

Download the booklet (pdf, 1.66 Mo)

Content :

1 Introducing the school development plan (SDP)Introducing the school development plan (SDP)

2 Working with stakeholders

3 Writing and monitoring the SDP


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