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Vous y trouverez un article* sur l'atelier tenu en novembre dernier au GSTS BAAL de Guédiawaye. Prochain atelier : novembre 2015, formation aux e-jumelages éducatifs d'Apréli@.
*“TESSA, TESSA, TESSA”, this was the traditional appreciative greeting Michèle Deane heard every morning when she arrived at the school Groupe Scolaire Tierno Sileymaani Baal (GSTS BAAL) in Guédiawaye near Dakar where she had been invited to lead a workshop on active pedagogy and contribute to setting up a schoolbased continuous professional development rogramme as part of the school Quality Education Improvement Program through Science (QEIPS), together with our friend and partner Apréli@.
The workshop included an introduction to active pedagogy, modelling the TESSA approach and using the TESSA resources, as well as an introduction to Internet searches using the TESSA CD-ROM as a springboard. Teachers from another three neighbouring schools had been invited to join the GSTS BAAL teachers and the reports teachers post on on their experiments tell the story of their professional development. Further work is planned as part of the QEIPS to introduce the Apréli@ e-twinnings to develop links between schools and, beyond this form a network of practice;
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